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“Countries most affected with Covid-19 and with weak economies need the assistance of other countries”

In a recorded message to the United Nations’ General Assembly, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the Covid-19 pandemic affected the world’s health, economies and societies systems. He stated that, therefore, the most affected and weak economies of countries need assistance from other countries. Dr Abela said that the agricultural sector is fundamental to address hunger around the world, saying that in the height of the pandemic, Malta sent food supplies to Namibia where half a million persons were fed.

The Prime Minister recalled that during these pandemic months various financial measures were introduced to assist the Maltese economy. Above all, the government issued a €1,800 million financial package, which is almost 13% of last year’s GDP. Robert Abela also stated that Malta implemented social security measures to protect jobs with the payment of half a billion euro in contributory benefits and 100 million euro in non-contributory benefits. These measures saved 25,500 jobs, he added.

The Prime Minister also referred to immigration in his message to the UN. Dr Abela said that Malta faces daily illegal migrants; these people want a better life but Malta is too small to receive all of this influx. While the European Union this week launched its plan on immigration, he said that the United Nations also has a major role to address this humanitarian and global challenge. The Prime Minister said that the U.N. needs to work with world agencies and partners to assist these persons to build a better life so that less people will be victims of traffickers and more lives are saved.