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Couple imprisoned on thefts – their baby under care order

A drug addiction couple were condemned to over three years in prison between them on a series of thefts, shortly after their new-born baby was taken from them by a care order.

31-year old Lineker David Micallef and 24-year old Ellie Briffa admitted in court that on various occasions last March they robbed two petrol stations in Imsida and Birkirkara. They were also accused of the possession of 4.8kg of heroin and of breaching release from custody conditions.

Micallef was also accused of driving dangerously and slightly injuring a police constable.

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras considered that the couple had both started abusing drugs from an early age and committed various crimes.

Despite being given opportunities in drug rehabilitation, they didn’t try to change their life not even when they had a baby some months ago. Their daughter was eventually taken under care order by authorities.

Probation officers who worked with the couple advised that the two are sent to prison in order to realize their mistakes and at the same time are placed under a treatment order to defeat the drug addiction.

The Court sentenced Micallef to 18 months in prison and a fine of €500, while Briffa was imprisoned for 14 months. The two will undergo a rehabilitation programme.

Furthermore, the sum of €16,500 which Micallef paid as bail and personal guarantee for his release from custody were passed to the government and the custody release revoked.