Couple lose baby to fatal condition that can be avoided through IVF

Gynaecologist Mark Sant is insisting that the IVF law should be changed with the aim of focusing more on success and less suffering, and the services at Mater Dei Hospital should start focusing on conditions that are very serious for parents affected by them, in order to be able to give them a healthy baby.

Interviewed on TVAM, Dr Sant spoke about the unbelievable suffering endured by a Maltese couple who lost their child in a cruel way in the space of two years. The gynaecologist explained that the baby died because she was conceived by a mother and father who both carried the wrong gene.

Dr Sant explained that the parents did not carry the genetic condition with which the baby was born and eventually died. He added that for this condition to surface, both wrong genes carried by the two parents had to meet up, as in fact had happened in this case.

Dr Sant added that one in four births is affected by this very grave condition, where a baby is born normally but dies within two years through an ugly process.

Dr Sant stated that these parents wish to have a child, as the baby they had has left a big void, but they do not wish to go through the same process.

The gynaecologist added that through IVF it is easy to create embryos and identify those that do not carry this gene. He further explained that the embryo not carrying this ugly and fatal condition is put back.

“Can someone explain to me what is wrong with this?” the gynaecologist asked, whilst urging those who objected to this treatment to place themselves in the situation of these parents and ask themselves whether they would wish to have a baby born to them who will live in misery for two years and die.