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Couple loses compensation claim after car was destroyed in fireworks explosion

A couple, who had their car completely destroyed following an explosion in a container with fireworks, had their compensation request rejected by the Court, after it blamed the owner who left the car parked near the container.

Edmond and Daniela Mangion filed the case before the Magistrates Court against the insurance company, Mapfre Middlesea plc.

They complained that the company failed to compensate them after the car was destroyed with the explosion which occurred in Gudja on the 30th October 2016.

The fireworks were scheduled to be used on that day for the Madonna taċ-Ċintura feast, which is celebrated in the same locality.

The explosion (video hereunder) occurred at around 4.30pm, however no one was fortunately injured in the accident.

Edmond Mangion said he parked the car near the container as they were cleaning the site and had nowhere else to park as the rest of the field had fireworks wires.

The company said the owner was to blame as he parked in a place where fireworks are stored.

Magistrate Nadine Lia accepted the insurance company’s arguments, saying that Mangion knew that he parked the car near explosive material. She added that he breached the contractual obligation with the company and therefore rejected the couple’s compensation claim.


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