Couple rushes to ask Pete Buttigieg to marry them before birth of baby

The Maltese-American Mayor of Southbend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, had an unusual start to his day when a couple urgently asked him to marry them just before the woman was due to go to the hospital to give birth.

Mary and Gabe Jones rushed into the Mayor’s office with all the necessary documents in hand to get married, before Mary had to be admitted to the hospital for a C-section.

Mayor Buttigieg admitted that at first, he was wondering how he could avoid them but when he learned more about the couple’s story, he immediately set everything else aside and made them a priority.

Within a few minutes, the couple was wed and a few hours later Mary gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Jade Katherine Jones with the blessings of Mayor Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg speaks 8 languages – English, Maltese which he inherited from his father, Italian, Arabic, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Dari –  which is the language spoken in Afghanistan. He is expected to be among the Democratic candidates contesting the primaries in order to be nominated for President of the US in 2020. If he is elected he will be the first homosexual President in the history of the US.