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Couple sentenced to life imprisonment for locking and torturing their children

In California, David and Louise Turpin were sentenced to life imprisonment after they were found guilty of holding, torturing and locking their 13 children in their house.

The case goes back to last year when the 17-year old daughter of the Turpin couple escaped from home and phoned the Police for assistance. She reported to Police that odors at her home were insupportable and that her siblings needed medical assistance.

The Turpin couple have 13 children whom they maltreated throughout the years and brought them up in unsuitable conditions, with the father even attempted to sexually abuse one of his daughters.

When police officers arrived at the house, they found the Turpin children living in miserable conditions, deprived of basic things such as food, medical treatment and even personal hygiene with some of the children had not taken a bath for over a year. In contrast, the family’s dogs were found to be in very good condition – healthy and well looked after.

The Turpin parents cried in Court when they heard their children testify against them, saying they regretted what they did, but they still love them dearly.  They augured their children all the well-being and success for their future.

Judge Bernard Schwartz commented that the children will be successful not through their parents’ efforts, while he reprimanded them for denying the children from an adequate education and good upbringing. He said that David and Louise Turpin denied their children, with some of them even stopped developing and remained physically small due to malnutrition. He added that they were denied the living of the outside world.

The Turpin siblings are aged between two up to 29 years.