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Courses for teachers and staff who wish to work in education

The Department of Education has continued working on the demand for more teachers and to this end, the Institue of Education is offering more than 80 courses, including at BA and Masters’ level in Primary Education for teachers who wish to improve their qualifications and others who wish to change their career.

From the next academic year, the Institute will be offering these courses on a part-time basis for those already working in the sector and others who wish to enter the educational sector.

The Chief Executive of the Institue of Education, Joanne Grima, said that it was offering these opportunities for specialized training.

“We have teachers who are working in the classrooms but do not have the necessary qualifications, so we need to give them the necessary up-skilling in order to bring them up to par with other teachers, with certain competencies which they will need to use the very next day after they have done our courses,” she said.

Mrs Grima explained that the courses also prepare people who have never worked in the education sector before.

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said that these courses are intended to cope with the ever increasing for teachers in schools. The applications for these courses close on 9 September.