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Courses that address needs of educators and parents

The Institute for Education which provides training to educators launched its courses’ prospectus leading to qualifications varying from certificates to diplomas. The Institute was established to assist in the educator’s professional development by addressing the needs they face in classes.

The courses by the Institute for Education focus on various aspects and include leadership and communication in classes for inclusion; multiculturalism, students’ assessment and parents’ contribution in their children’s education.

The Institute chief executive, Joanne Grima, stated that 70 accredited courses, varying in their length and levels are designed to address the challenges teachers face in classes. Some of the courses are meant for parents to complement the educational process in classes.

“There is a vast menu in courses because everyone’s needs are different. Teachers have the skills to analyze their needs; they know what they need to be better teachers. This is not for tomorrow or the next day, because the day after a teacher attends the course he will find himself in class and tries to analyze whether what he learnt the day before can be practiced or not”, Ms Grima said.

Education Minister, Evarist Bartolo, described the launching of the prospectus as a historic moment for the development of education in Malta. He said that the Institute was set up by educators to educators to offer courses which concretely meet the strengthening of skills and values needed for the profession.

Minister Bartolo stated that changes in the way students’ assessment is made will strengthen the educational voyage of students and, among others, the courses will facilitate the ways that teachers may assist students to reach their potentiality.