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Court orders Owen Bonnici to pay compensation to victim of car accident

The Civil Court presided over by Judge Lawrence Mintoff, has ordered Justice Minister Owen Bonnici to pay the sum of almost €67,000 to a man whom he hit with his private car in an accident which took place in 2014.

In the accident, Alies Abdulhadi who was 26 at the time, was hit by Minister Bonnici’s car while he was standing near his own car outside of the Santa Venera tunnels. Abdulhadi’s car had stopped because it had broken down.

In the accident, Abdulhadi’s leg was partially broken.  Minister Bonnici had been previously exonerated of all criminal responsibility by the Criminal Court, but the victim had then filed a civil suit to claim compensation with the case being decided in the Civil Court.

In a statement, Minister Bonnici said that he was and still is fully insured and that the payment will be made by his insurance company. He said that during the proceedings he had never opposed the request for civil damages and this has facilitated the lack of delays in the case.