Court petitions can now be filed over the Internet

From next month, judicial acts for the Criminal Court, including Court petitions (rikorsi), can be filed online after certain legislative changes were made.

To date, lawyers and the Police who present judicial acts for the Criminel Court need to go personally to the court building in Valletta. Between July and September of last year, around 5000 such acts were filed, including petitions, replies, notes and so on.

The Registrar of the Criminal Court and Tribunals, Eunice Grech Fiorini said that this will cut down on the number of people who are at the registry office and inside the Court building, because legal professionals, those who work with the Attorney General and even police officers, can now file a document from their office. She said the this can be done at any time of the day on the eCourts system.

Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that these amendments to the procedure address a request made by the Chamber of Advocates to have a remote filing system for judicial acts. She added that this will have four main effects:

“In this challenging time during the pandemic, we will have less people in the Court building. Secondly, we will have better use of technology at our Courts. The third, is that legal practitioners and lawyers will have access to the Courts without having to go to court and finally, the citizen will have access to the Courts without having to physically go there.”

Dr Zammit Lewis said that this system should lead to more effective Court procedures.

Watch this feature to see how the system will work: