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COVID-19: 150 patients have already recovered – Dr. Charles Mallia Azzopardi

Public health physicians and other medical professionals measure the Covid-19 recovery process differently. While officially Malta now has 16 patients who have recovered, the Head of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Mater Dei Hospital, Dr Charles Mallia Azzopardi said he estimates the amount of patients to have recovered to be 150.

Clinical Director of the Intensive Care Unit at Mater Dei Hospital, the anesthetist Dr Carmel Abela said that so far the ITU has had a good success rate with 75% of the patients admitted to the ITU leaving after they were treated at ITU. Dr Abela said that six of the eight who entered the ITU had recovered.

During the programme Dissett, Dr. Abela was confident that the two patients currently at the ITU and at risk due to the Coronavirus could also survive.

“They are still in a position to survive, which is to say we are looking at the situation positively, and not all of them had to be intubated with the ventilator. They took oxygen in an augmented manner not on the ventilator.”

The Head of the Infectious Diseases Section, Dr Charles Mallia Azzopardi said from a clinical point of view the cure rate is higher than that established by the public health doctors protocol.

“I’m telling you that if we had 300 people in Malta who were positive, well over half of them have completely recovered. The way doctors look at recovery for the purposes of public health takes into account health statistics. Foreign agencies, like WHO, maintain that when you leave the hospital, you have to wait 14 days to be swabbed again and if that is negative you still need to quarantine for a further fourteen days. ”

On the program, Dissett on Wednesday evening, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Chris Fearne announced that from the point of view of public health doctors, eleven other patients had recovered officially.

“So far therefore we have 16 recoveries. We’ve already had five and now we have 11 more so we are now seeing people who have gone through it and have not just recovered from the symptoms but have also recovered through official testing channels.”

Minister Fearne said that in the coming weeks a map with the zones in Malta and Gozo would be published indicated where the infected persons were living but this did not mean that there is a location with a higher rate of infection than other locations.