“COVID-19 can affect the heart muscles and it’s worrying”

The world is still reeling from events which saw Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapse during the Denmark – Finland match. Latest news is that the player was responding to treatment at the Parken Stadion in Copenhagen. The game had to be stopped.

Meanwhile, Dr George Grech, a long-time doctor of one of the Maltese Premier clubs told TVM that the player had a heart attack. He said it is difficult to establish what caused this and described the situation as dramatic.

Asked how this could have happened to an athlete in the prime of his life and apparently, Dr. Grech said what concerned him was that the COVID-19 virus could easily attack the heart muscles and causes complications. He said that all players should be professionally screened.

“A shocking moment which we reported cautiously.” – Sandro Micallef

TVM sports journalist, Sandro Micallef described that moment of the game as shocking and sad.

He explained that there was no information about what happened and therefore TVM sports journalists reported cautiously without being presumptuous and did not jump to any conclusions. He said that it is normal to think the worst when you see a player collapse and fall on the pitch.

He explained that it was a photograph posted by a photographer which gave him a clue as to the state of Eriksen’s health.