Covid-19: Measures increased in health services

Malta is preparing for the possibility of a significant increase in virus cases. Health Service Director General, Surgeon Clarence Pace, said that the past two and a half months preparations have given results and the contingency plan includes specialised training to workers who served in the outpatients and an increase of almost 700 beds, with over a 100 at the intensive care unit. Surgeon Pace appealed to elderly and vulnerable persons to continue attending medical appointments.

“Our aim here is that the number of Covid-19 patients – that famous curve we always refer to – is delayed as much as possible and to control it at a low level”

The Health Services director general added that a number of administrative measures were taken, while beds increased in the hospital to face a possible increase in patients infected by the pandemic.

On average, he said, the rate of beds at the ITU will be one of the highest in Europe, while training is being provided to workers and professionals who worked at surgeries or the outpatients department so they can treat Covid-19 patients.

Dr Pace said that the protection of health workers is a priority and that all measures are being taken to protect their health.

Referring to the legal notice for the elderly and persons with chronic disease, such as respiratory and heart diseases, he appealed to them to attend health appointments.

“It is important that they continue to attend to their appointments because they are already vulnerable and if their health deteriorates, will be in greater risk of being infected with the virus; so they should not fail an appointment”.

Surgeon Pace stressed on the importance that every person is responsible for containing the virus spread, including by social distancing even at a queue. He argued that Malta can overcome this situation within a short time through the cooperation of everyone.