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COVID-19: What should you do when you bring your shopping home?

Grocery items can be carriers of Covid-19. During the TV programme Dissett, virologist Dr Chris Barbara urged that shopping should be left in isolation for three days. If the items are planned for immediate use, they should be wiped down with disinfectant.

“The important thing is that you get hold of a clean cloth with some soap and water and wipe the items intended for immediate use. Vegetables – even if there is no coronavirus about – should always be washed and disinfected. If you use a good disinfectant and leave it to stand for the stipulated time, the virus will be completely destroyed.”

Chief Government Medical Officer Dr Denis Vella Baldacchino stated that besides washing of items, frequent hand-washing is important.

“This, for us, is the first commandment. How frequently should you wash your hands? As often as you want, as frequently as you need to, nobody tells you not to wash them. And wash them well. Make sure you wash them properly, leaving no part unwashed, and this is the first point towards preventing.”

Dr Barbara stated that in places like buses, the use of wipes is essential.

“There are alcohol wipes and soap wipes, both are effective. It is important that we get used to using these wipes whenever we touch something in a public place, like a lift button, or the door handle to a shop. we have to wash our hands at the end of it because we generally unknowingly touch our face.”

Referring to the distancing between one person and another, both doctors stated that one metre is enough, and insisted that this should always be maintained, including in bus stage queues and in banks.

Dr Barbara added that the public should exercise caution in the use of masks, as the virus could get trapped in them, and they end up serving as an incubator in front of the nostrils.

“If you’re healthy and are not coughing or sneezing, no point in seeing many people wearing face masks; if droplets fall on the outer cotton surface, they will keep it moist and you will breathe in more, and there is a probability or possibility that when you take it off you will contaminate your hands and touch your face, and the virus can more easily penetrate.”

Dr Vella Baldacchino stated that in the event the coronavirus spread increases, the authorities will have to introduce new measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

You can follow this video, where an American doctor also gives his advice about how one should shop from a grocery store.

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