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Crane Currency starts employing and training workers – factory almost ready

The American company Crane Currency will be printing bank notes by the end of this year at the new Ħal Far factory, with its construction works almost completed.

At the same time, the company started employing some of the 200 prospective workers, including MCAST students who have just successfully concluded a printing course carried out between January and last June.

Some of the 200 prospective workers at the Crane Currency factory have started training outside Malta and are preparing for the arrival of the machinery that is being specifically manufactured to be used for the production and printing of banking notes.

“We started working since the end of May, we are very happy and also went for training in Austria for ten days”


“It is a new challenge, obviously when one moves he has to do his research and this is a well established company”.

“They will invest big millions in this company and we are seeing a great future for us”, the workers said.


During a meeting with the new and prospective workers, Crane Currency operations director in Malta, John Scott, said that the company’s plan is moving according to schedule.

“We will be producing banknotes out of this new factory before the end of 2017 and we will be in full production very early 2018, we’re in a very fortunate position that our order book and customer base means we can allocate various orders it’s not the case of taking the only one that’s given”.

While some of the already selected workers include persons with over 30 years experience in printing, the human resources manager Alexandra Agius said that the recruitment includes a mixture of people, including students who successfully ended a printing course at MCAST.

“We want to train our talents – in fact MCAST issued a good course on printing and we are selecting the lowest level in relation to the printing process and combining them with the crews of our workers as necessary”, Ms Agius added.

In September last year, the American company announced it will invest $100 million in a new factory in Malta which is expected to start with around 200 workers. The foundation stone of the factory was laid during a ceremony last December.


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