Curia disassociates itself from “Jesus the Saviour community” which has brought pain and suffering to a number of Maltese families

A 19 year old has told TVM about the great trauma she went through as a result of what she called ‘extremism’ as far as the religious beliefs of a particular Christian community. Amy Attard told us about the number of families that had suffered breakdown as a result of joining this community, the effects of which were still being felt to this day. Asked for feedback, the Curia said that by virtue of a decision of the Archbishop of Malta, no priest or religious could take part in or host this community in any property of the Church, while the Maltese Archdiocese has disassociated itself completely from “Jesus the Saviour Community”.

Amy Attard told TVM about the trauma she went through on account of her and her family joining this community ever since she was a child and the irreparable harm it has caused her and her family.

“At the age of about six I joined together with my parents, until I was eighteen, I basically grew up with them.”

Amy said that when she decided to go out with the young man she is still with today, the Community took it against her because he was not a member of the community and even told her that he would cheat on her in the future, hoping to discourage her from going out with him.

“I was told that my boyfriend would cheat on me, when there was no evidence of this at all, and in fact we are still together today.”

Other people spoke about the pain caused to them by this Community including Melita Farrugia, when a relative of hers who was a member of the community told her that she could not let her daughter into her home because she was gay, and would bring about a curse – words that shattered her and her husband.

“I invite people to watch the videos on the facebook page because they are truly terrifying. Imagine being treated like that because you are gay.”

TVM asked the Curia if it knew of the accusations being made against this Community with the Archbishop replying that no priest or religious should take part in any meeting organized by the Jesus Saviour Community, nor shall such be hosted in a church or in any property of the Church while the Archdiocese of Malta has disassociated itself from this community.

TVM also contacted the Community asking for their reaction to the fact that they were being accused of causing suffering and were even the subject of a Curia ban. Clyde Attard on behalf of the community said that they had no comments to make and that any difficulties would be clarified with the Curia.