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There are currently more men than women in Malta

National Statistics Office figures show that there were 460,000 persons resident in Malta till the end of 2016. Almost twelve per cent of them were foreigners. For only the second time in the past twelve years, there were more men than women in Malta while one person in every five is over 65 years of age.

During the past 10 years, Malta’s population increased by more than 50,000 persons – from 405,000 in 2006 to 460,297 in 2016; 231,663 are men and 228,634 women.

The NSO figures for 2016 show that the increase in population from 2015 was due to foreign migrants in Malta and not due to an increase in birth rate.

It is estimated that in 2016, 17,051 foreigners came to live in Malta while 8,303 emigrated from Malta to another country – the highest figure since 2012 with more than 7,000 were foreigners who left Malta.

On the other hand, among foreigners living in Malta, almost 9,000 came from European Union countries (8,968), around 6,700 from countries outside the EU and 1,400 Maltese citizens who returned to their country.

As to persons who left Malta, there were 958 Maltese; 3,226 EU citizens and 4,119 persons outside the European Union.

There were more births than persons dying during 2016. Between January and December of 2016, 4,476 babies were born while 3,342 persons died. 20 boys and girls were adopted during that year.

Figures show that a quarter of the Maltese population is composed of persons over 60 years, while youths under 18 years amount to 17% of the population.

As an average, Maltese men live up to 81 years, while women up to 84 years.

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