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Customs authorities find €17,400 in false currency in package from China

Customs officers at Maltapost have found a total of 17,410 euro in false currency notes which were in a package arriving from China.

The consignment included 103 false 20 euro notes, 102 false 100 euro notes and 103 false 50 euro notes.

The Customs Department said in a statement that this was the second ‘find’ of its kind over the past four weeks.

The first package found on 11 March had included 102 false 50 euro notes, another 102 false 100 euro notes and 103 false 500 euro notes, totalling 66,800 euro.

The authorities added that the notes had seemed very authentic, and had been handed over to Police officers from the Economic Crimes Unit for further investigation. The Central Bank of Malta was also notified about the finds.