Customs officials ask Police to arrest man who went to collect package containing narcotic substances from Post Office

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The Police have arrested a man who went to collect a package suspected to contain narcotic substances from the Post Office.

The arrest took place after Customs officials at the main Post Office in Qormi informed the police when the man went to collect the package.

The Customs Department explained that since the new Brexit procedures came into effect and controls increased, they have noticed a constant trend in the importation of narcotic substances and seeds in postal packages from the UK.  Until the end of December, these packages did not used to go through Customs and therefore the trend had not been noticed.

In the first nine weeks of this year, Customs officials intercepted 10 packages continuing narcotic substances and seeds which arrived from the United Kingdom.

Customs said that between them these came to around one kilo of drugs. Some of the cases were discovered by Customs dogs. The packages were addressed to residents in different localities.

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