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Daily charges for driving high-emission vehicles in Central London

Starting today, owners of vehicles with high-emissions must start to pay a new extra daily charge when driving in the busiest part of London.

This area was already subject to a congestion charge, but now all those using older vehicles in Central London will also have to pay £ 12.50 a day.

The affected vehicles are motorcycles manufactured before 2007 which do not comply with Euro 3 standards, petrol vehicles and vans manufactured prior to 2006 which do not meet Euro 4 standards, as well as diesel cars and vans manufactured before 2015 which don’t comply with Euro 6 standards.

The fee is much higher for buses and trucks if not Euro 6 compliant, with a charge of £ 100 a day.

These fees were introduced with the aim of reducing emissions by 45% within two years.

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