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Dan’s colleagues say that accident’s site was not his way to work

Within a few hours, the needed funds were collected so that Dan Udrea’s body – the Romanian who died when a tree fell on his car during Saturday’s storm – can be sent to Romania for burial. Two sources raising funds through internet are still receiving donations which will be given to the victim’s wife who is still recovering in hospital.

Monday morning happened to be more difficult than usual for Dan Udrea’s work colleagues following his tragic death.

Dan started working with Connect Services firm five years ago as a courier and lately he was appointed supervisor on fourteen workers who described him as an impeccable man, a friend and a rock to the company.

“When we heard the news, I did not want to go to work; because coming here in this family environment and he is missing, you say is this true”, Philip Zammit said.

“He was always there to help, we always worked together; where there was a problem he always assisted in solving it”, Napoleaon Baldacchino said. Kevin Axisa said Dan was everything for the company and a great friend.

“We lost an important employee in our chain of couriers. I do not know how today’s work will evolve – the first day without him – it will be very difficult”, Antoine Farrugia said.

Dan’s wife, Irina, who was seriously injured in the accident, started working with the same company a few weeks ago as a clerical worker. Colleagues told us she is still recovering in hospital due to injuries and fractures on her face.

Last Saturday, Dan and Irina were on their way to work with colleagues saying that normally they do not pass from that road as from Mosta they take the road to Attard for the Imrieħel by-pass and enter the industrial estate. They suspect that before work, Dan went to fill the car with petrol from a petrol station.

Ahead of another week’s work, one of Dan’s colleagues placed a wreath at the accident’s site in Notabile Road with a message, on behalf of all the workers, of respect and salute to Dan.

The company, his colleagues at work and even clients contributed money so that Dan’s funeral can be held in Romania. Apart from funds raised by the Romanian community in Malta, the hospital’s emergency department staff took the initiative so that Dan’s body will be sent to Romania for burial. The hospital’s chief executive, Ivan Falzon, stated that in less than twelve hours the target was achieved, with donations will continue to be raised and are given to Udrea’s family members.

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