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Two largest solar panel farms in Malta will soon start generating energy

Within the next two months electricity will begin to be generated by Malta’s largest solar farm. Spread over 90 tomna of land, the private solar farm situated on the outskirts of Mġarr has about 17,000 solar panels. Simultaneously, a zone in Bengħajsa that was used for scrapped vehicles was converted into a solar private farm and is capable of producing enough energy to supply 900 families.

At the end of last year the private owners obtained the necessary permission to operate Malta’s two largest solar farms, the one near Mġarr at a locality known as tal-Imselliet and now containing 17,000 panels was previously used as a quarry. Television Malta is informed this will initiate solar energy generation from March onward.

The other farm at Bengħajsa, limits of Birżebbuġa, was also a quarry but was used as a dumping ground. More recently it was being used as an area for bird trapping and scrapped vehicles. It is estimated that the 8,000 solar panels situated there will be producing 2.4 Mega Watts of renewable energy and will be capable of supplying 900 residences.

Together with the Fiddien solar farm that covers 14,000 square metres, this means that Malta now has over half-a-million solar panels including those in residences and commercial entities.

Engineer Sandro Lauri from the Energy and Water Agency said the two private farms will soon start their energy generation. He said generation for this year will aim at a target set for 2020 and after that the target will be that set for 2030.

Eurostat statistics for 2018 showed that Malta was generating 8% of its energy needs through sustainable energy. This means that Malta is 2% short of the 10% target set for this year.

Lauri expressed his optimism the target will be achieved and he explained that energy generation was also being produced through other sources.

Some of this is coming from the heat generated by heat pumps. There are also bio fuels that are mixed with diesel as well as energy generated by waste to energy plants.

Engineer Lauri reminded that the Energy and Water Agency offers schemes to induce people and industries to invest in sources of sustainable energy.

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