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Dar Bjorn 2 will be equipped with the first neuro gym in Malta

The Housing Authority has donated €60,000 to the ALS Malta foundation so that Dar Bjorn 2 at Ħaż-Żebbuġ will be equipped with the first neuro gym in Malta.

The Neuro Gym will have modern equipment for persons who suffer from neurological disease, including residents in Dar Bjorn and those who are given assistance services by ALS Malta.

Social Accomodation Minister Roderick Galdes said that the Housing Authority is being pro-active and is donating equipment to assist persons with disability in social accomodations and also to foundations, such as Dar Bjorn, which are giving dignity and treatment to persons with neurological disease.

Bjorn Formosa expressed his deep gratitude towards the Ministry who acted to make a difference among neuro disease patients.

The gym will also open for the 300 patients assisted by ALS Malta, who are not residents at the home.

Minister Galdes said that, through the Housing Authority, persons with mobility problems are being assisted to move ahead and are given dignity and assistance to improve their quality of life.

Bjorn Formosa also expressed his gratitude towards the Maltese and Gozitan people who, once again, contributed in Sunday’s fund-raising marathom during which over €1.6 million were collected for the second Dar Bjorn, which will welcome not only patients with ALS but also with other neurological disease.