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David Casa among MEPs requesting EU Commission to issue Directive protecting journalists

The head of the PN delegation in the EU Parliament David Casa, Socialist MEP Ana Gomes, Conservative MP Monica Macovei, Liberal MEP Maite Pagazaurtundua, leftist MEP Stelios Kolouglou and Greens’ MEP Javor Benedek are maintaining the drawing up of EU legislation to address and eliminate iSLAPP. The scope of this is to censor and silence journalists by threatening them with legal procedures that carry crippling financial implications which they cannot afford to pay.

The MEPs said this is abusive action and threatens the independence of the media, a trait that does not conform to the ideals of the EU.

They said that SLAPP had been used in Malta against Maltese journalists as well as the BBC and The Guardian by Appleby.

They have also called on EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans to propose an EU Directive against SLAPP and that journalists and newsrooms may call for charges to be dropped from legal procedures as well as requests for compensation. Companies that try to evade the Directive and open legal proceedings in non-EU countries will be fined. They are also proposing a fund for journalists and newsrooms that are fighting libel proceedings and that a list be published of those individuals and companies trying to intimidate journalists.

This group is also maintaining its commitment to protect investigative journalists and independent newsrooms throughout Europe.

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