David Casa testifies in public inquiry into murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia

This morning in court room 20, the independent public inquiry continued into whether the state could have avoided the homicide of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Taking the stand today was Nationalist MEP David Casa who, after passing on certain information to the board of inquiry, was asked to testify about the facts he knows.

He says he was given advice not to drive his car, and used to be insulted as he walked in Valletta 

He testified on oath that although he is not the Police or the Attorney General he felt the need to put pressure and, in his words, investigate the murder of Mrs Caruana Galizia.

He said that the company 17 Black was one of the factors which led to the murder of Caruana Galizia. He said he felt threatened and filed reports with the Police but nothing was done.

He mentioned how it was not an easy time because Yorgen Fenech even offered money to prevent him from being elected. Casa said that on the advice of experts he did not drive his car, and he could not even go to Sunday Mass on his own. He said that while  walking in Valletta he would be insulted, which he described as being the fruit of the impunity in the country.

He clarifies that he was not threatened with violence 

He said that when he had the FIAU report in hand, he was threatened by Manuel Mallia and Keith Schembri. He added that that is why he has decided to testify in Court and described it as the only institution in which he still has trust.

Despite the threats, Casa said that there was never any violence used against him by the people he made a reference to. He clarified that the threats referred to legal proceedings.

He says that Caruana Galizia was the most alone during the campaign to elect the PN Leader in 2017

David Casa continued that Daphne was a personal friend of his, and that she was the most alone during the campaign to elect the new leader of the Nationalist Party in 2017. He said that after her death, he made a vow to investigate every case she was working on.

He said that during the last campaign for the European Parliament he felt that the PN did not wish him to be elected and he was not the favourite candidate of the party. He said that he has no doubt that the alleged payment for him not to be elected actually took place. The board reminded the witness that there was a separate inquiry into this allegation in front of Magistrate Doreen Clarke.

Casa testifies about Electrogas and the wind farm in Montenegro

The witness continued testifying about the FIAU report, 17 Black, Pilatus Bank and the wind farms in Montenegro as well as the payment to an Electrogas official. He said that he did not publish the report because it was illegal to do so, and he did not wish to prejudice any investigations which may have been ongoing. He said that in the reports he had there was a reference to the agreement on the wind farms in Montenegro.

Speaking about the arrest of Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, Casa said that although he was not found guilty in the US, he should be extradited to Malta to answer to charges of money-laundering.  He testified about Nexia BT, which he said was a money-laundering machine.

Casa says he cannot accept that charges against Joseph Muscat were dropped

With reference to the Egrant inquiry, the witness said that the former Prime Minister is a liar, and he cannot accept that the charges against Jospeh Muscat were dropped. He testified that he had written to the AG of the United Arab Emirates and the FIAU of that country to see whether it is true that the country’s authorities did not wish to cooperate.

He said that he learned that the UAE authorities had asked for a meeting with the Maltese authorities, and in fact a virtual meeting was held. The board here noted that the virtual meeting had already been mentioned in a previous sitting.

After Mr Casa continued to testify behind closed doors, the sitting was deferred to 12 August, during which Minister Edward Scicluna is expected to testify.

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