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Daphne Caruana Galizia died from injuries caused by explosion
The case has been adjourned until 3 September.

 Prof. Marie Therese Camilleri Podesta said that on 20 October 2017, an autopsy was carried out on the corpse of  Daphne Caruana Galizia. She said that the cause of death was as a result of injuries caused by the explosion. She said that she had been appointed by Magistrate Anthony Vella.
10.02am Joseph Bondin, a soldier from the Explosives Ordinance Department in Mosta, testified that a phone call came in that there had probably been a car bomb. He said he went on site and they secured the area to ensure that there were no secondary devices.  He said that as soon as they arrived they saw the burning car, with a crew from the Civil Protection Department putting out the fire. He said that on 6 December, they went to St Joseph Farm House, in Mosta where they carried out a search for any additional components, but did not find anything.
09.56am – Court expert  Mario Buttigieg said that he had been nominated the day after the accident by Magistrate Anthony Vella to take care of the logistics of where the  car would be kept – the vehicle was a white Peugeot 108 with registration number QQZ668. He also presented the log book to the Police, of the inspections which were carried out when the car was at the garage.

09.52am Forensic expert Dr Mario Scerri testified that he because involved in the case the day after it happened when Magistrate Vella took over the case. He explained what he saw on site: the scene of a burnt car, human parts, the palm of a hand and a leg. He said that he examined the corpse at the mortuary where X-rays were taken. he said that the cause of death was caused by the injuries from the explosion and burns.

09.47am  Another witness was a police officer from the Rapid Intervention Unit, Reuben Balzan. He was shown a photo which he had taken himself when he arrived on the scene of the crime in Bidnija. He confirmed that he had taken the photo.

09.40am The first witness to testify was Christopher Portelli, a National Security Information System Unit Officer. He said that members of the public had phoned on 112, and he had extracted the phone calls from passersby who had heard the explosion. He explained that the system records up to ten minutes and he has a CD with five telephone calls on it. Questioned by the defence whether there were any conversations and a trace of those who phoned, Portelli replied in the affirmative.


This morning, the compilation of evidence in the case of the three men accused of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia continues. Brothers Alfred and George Degiorgio known as il-Fulu and iċ-Ċiniż together with  Vince Muscat il-Koħħu are expected to appear in front of Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit.

Today eight witnesses are expected to testify after last Tuesday, the Main Prosecutor Inspector Keith Arnaud informed the Magisrate of the list of witnesses. In the last sitting none of the witnesses who were meant to testify appeared in the court room because, according to a Police statement, some of them were not able to appear while others said that they had other work commitments.