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DCG murder: Report drafted by Reporters Without Borders and The Shift News

On the eve of the second anniversary of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder a report by the Reporters Without Borders and The Shift News was launched on the circumstances of the murder, the investigations carried out, international reactions on the murder and the urgent actions needed to be taken so that justice prevails.

Reporters Without Borders, representatives of the OSCE on freedom of the media and the Director of the Justice Foundation for Journalists called for concrete action on DCG murder. Addressing a press conference, they said that till today the Caruana Galizia family is still facing 26 libel cases and appealed to the Prime Minister and other officials to withdraw the cases. The spokespersons criticised the fact that the victim’s commemorations at the Great Siege monument in Valletta are being removed.

The OSCE representative on free media, Harlem Desir, said that a meeting with the Prime Minister was cancelled. In the presence of relatives of Daphne Caruana Galizia, including their parents, he said that she became a symbol of courage.

The media was presented with a report drafted by Reporters Without Borders and The Shift News, which alleges that more shortcomings in Malta came to light that permitted the murder of the journalist and are still disrupting the efforts for justice. According to the report, the impunity in this case has dangerous implications for the safety of journalists, the freedom of the press and democracy not only in Malta but around Europe and beyond.

The two organisations recommended to the Maltese authorities to carry out, without delay, effective and transparent criminal investigations on the murder and ensure that the trial of the three persons accused of committing the murder is carried out without delay and in a just way.

Meanwhile, on the request of Reporters Without Borders, representatives of the organisation met with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and discussed the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the media situation in Malta. The Prime Minister’s Office said that the meeting was an opportunity for a free discussion and exchange of ideas between the two delegations. The government’s delegation included Ministers Owen Bonnici and Carmelo Abela and Attorney General, Peter Grech.

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