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De La Rue worker given €27,000 in compensation after trapping his hand in machinery

The Court has ordered the De La Rue Currency company to compensate one of its workers who got his hand trapped in a machine five years ago, and fractured it.

45-year-old Carmel Grima filed a suit against his employers in connection with the accident which occurred in February 2013, when his hand got trapped between two metal plates when he was setting a machine. Grima was employed as an operator, and none of his colleagues had known what to do in order to release his hand.

The company ended up taking disciplinary action against Grima, after deciding the accident had resulted through his carelessness. Grima stated that he had appealed this decision, but had later withdrawn his appeal when pressure had been applied and he had been threatened with losing his job.

The Court, Mr Justice Lawrence Mintoff presiding, observed that the workers had not been specifically trained about what they should do in the event of an accident involving these machines, and the training they had been given had been generic.

It was also observed that although the company stated that the setting of the machine was not Grima’s competence, the operator’s obligations and at which point these stopped had never been defined with the workers, and certain machines were being operated without safety precautions.

These shortcomings were addressed by the company after the accident, and the Court declared that this in fact indicated the existence of shortcomings.

The Court accordingly decreed that the company was to blame for the accident, and ordered it to compensate Grima to the tune of €26,843.