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Death of Monsignor Arthur Said Pullicino – former long-serving Judicial Vicar

Monsignor Arthur Said Pullicino, who had served for many years as Judicial Vicar, passed away this morning. He was 85 years old.

Born in Sliema, Monsignor Said Pullicino studied at the Lyceum and the Seminary. He continued his studies in Rome, where he acquired a licentiate in sacred theology and a doctorate in canon law. Monsignor Said Pullicino was ordained priest in 1959.

In 1964 Monsignor Said Pullicino was appointed to the marriage office at the Archbishop’s Curia, and a year later was appointed Secretary of the National Liturgical Commission.

Monsignor Said Pullicino served for nine years as Secretary in the Council of Clergy, and as secretary to Bishop Emanuel Gerada.

Monsignor Said Pullicino was nominated Chancellor in 1975 and was appointed deputy official of the metropolitan tribunal two years later. In 1981 Monsignor Said Pullicino was appointed Judicial Vicar and chaplain to the Pope. In 1993 the Judicial Vicar was appointed honorary prelate to the Pope and in 1994 he was appointed Canon of the Cathedral Chapter.