Current Affairs
“Health decisions should be taken without political interference” – Bernard Grech

The Leader of the Opposition and the Nationalist Party, Bernard Grech, said the Prime Minister had lost control over the pandemic and consequently has brought the country with its back to the wall.

Interviewed on NET FM, Dr Grech said the country is suffering because of the hard-headed attitude and arrogance of the Prime Minister who has refused to listen to the advice given by the Health Authorities.

He said the country has entered into a state of emergency as far as public health is concerned and he appealed to the Health Authorities to take decisions without being subject to political interference.

The Opposition Leader said the PM has lost control of the pandemic situation and has now resorted to attacking the Opposition because he cannot see a way forward. This is leading to excessive pressure on health services and as a result, hospital operations have been postponed and husbands are not being allowed to remain with their wives at Mater Dei before they give birth.

During the interview Grech said the Opposition has for many months been giving advice and appealing to the Government to allow the Health Authorities to decide on the way forward because of his hard-headedness and arrogance. He said this is time for sleeves to be rolled up and to take the necessary measures.

He said that to evade the problems he has created the Prime Minister has now resorted to attacking journalists. Regarding the closure of restaurants, Dr Grech said the Government’s conflicting messages have resulted in the commercial sector suffering.

Regarding the national broadcasting station, Dr Grech expressed the opinion this is not permitting broadcasting as it should be and the PN media are having to combat the PL media and the national broadcasting station.

Dr Grech referred to allegations made in Parliament that Opposition MPs have requested to be allowed to jump the inoculation queue, he said he had spoken to MPs and they had denied the allegations and he believes them. He alleged the Deputy Prime Minister has lied and therefore he requested the Speaker to take a ruling on this matter. He referred to an independent inquiry that has requested an investigation because it is not correct that some persons be preferred over the elderly and the vulnerable.

He said the PN has the solutions to meet the challenges the country is facing and is giving directives the country requires.