Delia insists he will continue leading Nationalist Party

Speaking on Net Television on Wednesday evening, Dr Adrian Delia insisted that he would continue leading the Nationalist Party. He said that following the no confidence vote taken by Nationalist MPs he received thousands of messages of support urging him to stay strong and continue working against the corruption of the Labour Government which is costing the people €7.5 million per month.

Dr Delia said that the Nationalist Party does not belong to the elite few but belongs to many who wish their voice to be heard, and he will continue to be loyal towards them.  Dr Delia said that the MPs should discuss and express their opinions but once a decision is taken, everyone should follow it so that they can all work together.

Dr Delia said that the day after the report was published by The Sunday Times of Malta about the messages between him and Yorgen Fenech he went to the Police for an inquiry to be opened. He said that he has nothing to hide and he wants the inquiry to be completed as quickly as possible so that everyone will know the truth.