Delia says vote by PN Executive Committee does not lead to removal of Leader

The PN Leader, Adrian Delia, said that according to the PN statute, the no confidence vote taken against him by the PN Executive Committee has no consequence.

In comments he gave to journalists waiting outside of the party HQ at the end of the seven hour meeting held by the PN Executive Committee, Dr Delia said that whoever presented the motion to hold this vote did so simply to make a statement.

He added that he will remain PN leader until the party members (tesserati) want him.  He said that, even according to the new statute, the PN General Council said that the confidence vote taken a year ago cannot be taken again.

He said that the person who presented this no confidence motion knows this and just like the attempt with the President of the Republic had failed, this vote too will not lead anywhere.

He added that the next step for him is to ensure that the will of the tesserati is respected by all the structures within the party. Asked whether this will lead to the tesserati having the opportunity to confirm him once again as party Leader, Dr Delai said that ironically, no request has been made by the tesserati.

Questioned about the possibility of an election for a new Leader, Dr Delia said someone needs to take the initiative not him, because the vote of no confidence taken by the Executive Committee was an internall vote which does not lead to the removal of the Leader.

He said that he was sorry about what was happening because of genuine Nationalists and the tesserati and the fact that within the PN not everyone has learned that if you do not respect the will of the people then we really cannot make any progress.

Listen to the comments of the Nationalist Party Leader, Adrian Delia below:

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