Delia and Grech say that due diligence provided certification there is nothing that harms their reputation

A week before the election for the appointment of the Leader of the Nationalist Party, the two contestants, Dr Bernard Grech and Dr Adrian Delia, were interviewed on NET FM regarding their pending tax dues, Covid and various other matters. They were being interviewed against the background of early election voting with the PN Electoral Commission stating that yesterday 16% of eligible Members cast their vote.

They were interviewed by the Editor of ‘The Malta Independent’ and regarding pending Income Tax dues both candidates stated that the due diligence carried out was a certificate that confirmed there was nothing to harm their reputation.

Regarding criticism made that he had continued with his campaign despite his wife having proved Covid positive, Dr Grech maintained he had not been requested to undergo mandatory quarantine but had personally opted for isolation voluntarily. He accused the Labour Pary of working against him to undermine the future of the Nationalist Party. Regarding the opening of schools Dr Grech said the Government had been caught out of not having a strategy. He said it was unjust that teachers, children and their parents as well as schools administrators had been left in the dark and after schools had spent thousands of euro to align there are now new instructions.

Asked about the Citizenship with Investment Programme, Dr Grech replied that if he is elected Leader he will maintain the pressure that every person granted citizenship will do so for the benefit of the country and not because they are rich or are criminals. On his part, regarding the developing Covid situation, Dr Delia criticised the Government for decisions that were taken hurriedly before summer and are now proving costly because of a daily death toll.

Asked about Vitals, Dr Delia replied that the people of Malta and Gozo are being robbed daily of a quarter-of-a-million euro. He demanded from the Prime Minister, where are the experts to investigate this agreement with Vitals. Regarding energy bills, he said a PN Government would reduce them by half so that families and commercial entities are no longer robbed while the Delimara power station that the Labour Party had classed to be a factory cancer has now become a factory of corruption.

Asked whether he had been mistaken in removing Simon Busuttil as the Opposition’s Spokesperson for Good Governance, Dr Delia said he will continue fighting against corruption and listed the resignations of persons like Konrad Mizzi and Chris Cardona, the former Attorney General, the former Police Commissioner and Keith Schembri. He said Prime Minister Robert Abela has his hands tied because he has Joseph Muscat as a consultant and as long as he remains, things will not change.