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Demand for electricity supply reaches a new record

The demand for electricity supply yesterday reached a record level of 561MW. This represents an increase of 10% when compared to the highest ever rate registered of 510MW in July 2019.

Enemalta company said that the demand for electricity has been on the increase since the first heatwave that hit the Maltese islands towards the end of June, when the demand reached 536MW. This also exceeded the record reached in July of two years ago.

When compared to last year, the demand for electricity increased by 7.7% in the first seven months of the year.

A company statement said that this significant increase in demand over the past weeks, together with the high temperatures caused damages on the low-voltage network, which effected a number of Enemalta clients in different localities.

It apologized for any inconveniences caused and reassures it is doing its utmost to always reduce the duration of power outages. The duration of the outage varies according to the type of the fault. Resultantly, electricity supply is restored in a matter of minutes in some cases, while in others, it takes longer. When possible, Enemalta deploys generators to substations to mitigate inconveniences whilst repairs are underway.

Enemalta added that investments have already been made by the company in distribution networks to reduce the incidences of interruptions; and such investments remain the company’s priority.

Thus, during the year Enemalta stated it continually invests in the upgrade of the distribution network, so that it may efficiently meet the demands resulting from economic growth. In 2020 Enemalta invested 12 million euro, while so far this year it invested 6 million euro in its distribution network. Thanks to the investment made in recent years by Enemalta as part of its programme to automate its substations, many of these interruptions were resolved in a relatively short time. Enemalta plc. said it remains committed to continue improving its distribution system to reduce the duration of interruption of supply. Enemalta employees are cooperating at all times.

Meanwhile, Enemalta understands the difficulty clients are faced with when experiencing a power cut. Enemalta said its customer care service is available 24/7 on 80072224.