Dentist suffering cancer but she has not stopped helping the public by continuing her services during the pandemic

Six years ago, dentist Dr Ethel Vento Zahra was diagnosed with cancer and she is now at the fourth stage as this has spread from breasts to other body parts.

“Metastatic breast cancer cannot be cured but can be controlled”.

Despite her physical difficulties and other various challenges she has to face, Dr Vento Zahra has continued to do her level best to lead a normal life and before the onset of the pandemic she used to normally attend her clinic to see patients.

She said that as a result of Covid things have considerably changed. Swab tests have to be taken every time to ensure the safety of all and the fact that now she cannot leave her home.

For over a year she has been working from home and her work load has not decreased and in fact she has become one of the frontliners in the Department for Public Health. She has spent many hours assisting the public with their concerns and difficulties sent by e/mail and related to the pandemic. She has also helped to train other persons in this work.

She said her main regret is that she cannot be a proper frontliner to patients as to her, her work is of supreme importance.

Dr Vento Zahra continued to assist the public even when she had to undergo hospital treatment which she had to undergo alone.

She said her laptop provided her with company as while undergoing treatment she used to pass the time with this and continue to provide help and to continue with her work.

The work of Dr Vento Zahra was given recognition during Public Service Week when she was awarded with the Highest Service for High Quality Work.

She said this helped counter having to go to hospital and Covid threats and the award was a great surprise which she highly appreciated.