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Despite winter challenges, farmer said Maltese potato got a better price than usual

Farmers who grow potatoes have started preparing their fields after having recently calculated their loss during the past year due to strong winds and hail storms during last February’s stormy weather.

On the occasion of the Potato Day, one of the product’s exporters told TVM that the storm reduced their profits with some 25%, however generally, their income wasn’t bad as the product got a higher price than normal.

TVM met with farmer Michael Caruana at his field in the limits of Qrendi. Caruana, who grows and exports potatoes, said that on average he estimates that the loss is about 25%.

Michael Caruana stated, “these weren’t gross loss, but a loss from our profits, that is we calculated the expenses and what remains is our profit; however the 25% we lost should have been a profit as expenses were the same, but the income was less”.

Despite this, Michael Caruana said that, generally, it wasn’t all that bad for them. “This year it was good, as the price of potatoes wasn’t that bad but good when compared with other years. I say it was the middle road because that piece of the better price received, we lost it due to the storm”.

At this time of the year, farmers who specialize in potato growing started preparing the field’s soil with the hope of producing more potatoes than the previous year, so that from October till December the sowing is carried out with very small potatoes. Contracts are also made for potato exports, especially for the Dutch market, during the last three months of the year.

TVM reminded Michael that today was the Potato Day which is marked with a small potato in the form of a heart. He said: “Every farmer treasures potatoes and any other type of product. I am fixated with potato growing and I love this work as much as I love my family and relatives”.

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