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Details of monies, cars and boats owned by the Degiorgio brothers revealed in Court

Brothers George and Alfred Degiorgio, who are facing criminal proceedings in connection with the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, have been arraigned in Court and charged with money laundering.  Also arraigned with them was Anca-Adelina Pop, a 33-year-old Romanian and George Degiorgio’s partner. The three were arraigned before Magistrate Joe Mifsud.

Inspector Antonovich Muscat stated that in recent months the Police had been investigating the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, and in December 2017 had arraigned three persons: the Degiorgio brothers and Vince Muscat. The Inspector added that after the arraignment, the Police received confidential information that the three persons, mainly the Degiorgio siblings, had assets which did not reflect their lifestyle. This investigation was extended also to George Degiorgio’s partner, Anca-Adelina Pop.

George Degiorgio: inactive bank account and no tax registration

It resulted from Police analysis that George Degiorgio, based on information from the banks, has an account with BOV which has been inactive since 2005, and in the past had taken out a loan with HSBC. Reference was made to transfer of funds which George Degiorgio had carried out over a period of time. George Degiorgio is registered with the Dragonara Casino, but does not appear to have ever gambled. At present Degiorgio has registered in his name, since April 2016, an Audi A4 which had previously been registered in his partner’s name. It results that he also owns a boat named DUCU. He does not own immoveable property, is not registered for tax purposes, and does not receive any pensions.

George Degiorgio’s partner is registered as ‘unemployed’ and owns three cars

Adelina Pop has been in Malta for six years, and has one account with Lombard Bank which was opened in October 2016. She is down as ‘unemployed’, but makes several deposits in cash into her account. Like Degiorgio, between May 2013 and January 2018 she transferred sums of money abroad. The sums totalled some 38,000 euro, the majority of which were transferred to her mother. She is not registered at or has ever visited a casino. She owns a Corvette, an Audi Q7 and a Mercedes Benz.

Alfred Degiorgio presents over €350,000 at casinos

Alfred Degiorgio has a loan account with HSBC. He also transferred some 5,000 euro to Benjamin Degiorgio in Australia. He is known at and registered with casinos based in Malta, where he presented an amount of money in excess of 350,000 euro. He had been registered as a security guard at a Paceville bar. He owns a Mercedes Benz and had a Kia and BMW registered in his name. He also owns a boat named MAYA, which he had purchased from Ivan Formosa.

The Inspector interrogated the three accused in June of this year, and presented in Court the statements he made with the accused, who on their part had not replied to any question and had neither signed the statements. Adelina Pop also did not reply to any questions, and likewise did not sign the statement. The next day the Inspector went to George Degiorgio, whose statement runs to four pages – accused did not reply to any question and likewise did not sign. Alfred Degiorgio did not consult with a lawyer, and also did not reply to questions or sign the statement.

They always pay in cash, including the children’s school fees

During cross-examination the Court was told that among other factors, a representative of the school attended by three of the children of George Degiorgio and Pop stated that the fees are paid in cash by Mrs Pop.

Ivan Formosa testified about the boat named MAYA which had been up for sale on a pontoon at Imsida, stating that George Degiorgio had called him on 2 February 2017. The boat had some damage which he repaired, and he was paid 30,000 euro in cash for it, the money being handed over by George Degiorgio. Alfred Degiorgio had turned up to effect the boat transfer.

Carmelo Fava stated that he owned property for rent in St Paul’s Bay, and he rented this out to Alfred Degiorgio, who had been brought by the agency to rent the property in August 2017 for one year and from August to November. The rent was 800 euro per month, which had always been paid by Alfred Degiorgio in cash.

Dr David Gatt, on behalf of Adelina Pop, asked the Court for accused to be able to communicate with her partner, as used to happen before she had been arrested on this case. Dr Cuschieri requested that he and Dr Gatt be allowed to speak with the three accused at the same time. The Court acceded to the request.

The request for bail is expected to be heard on 12 July.

What had happened at the last sitting?

At the last sitting the Degiorgio brothers had been accused by Inspector Antonovich Muscat with having converted or transferred property they had acquired through criminal activity, and also with having acquired property and items through criminal activity.

The three accused pleaded not guilty. Whilst the Degiorgio brothers were being detained under arrest in connection with the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Anca Adelina Pop has now also ended up at Corradino Correctional Facility after her request for bail was denied.

Editorial note:

We would like to clarify that the monies transferred by Anca Adelina Pop were not from her account with Lombard Bank, but through Western Union.