UPDATE: Woods told Police how he killed Charlene Farrugia and cut her body into pieces

The compilation of evidence in the case of John Paul Woods who is being accused of the murder of Charlene Farrugia, and of hiding her corpse, began to be heard today before Magistrate Marseanne Farrugia. The man pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded in custody in prison where he is currently serving a theft sentence .

The remains of the girl, who had been reported missing for 12 years, were found a year ago in an opening in the Valletta bastions beneath the Phenicia hotel.

CID official describes the macabre details of the murder

The investigation began on July 19, 2019, when Woods was arrested on another offense. He had asked to speak to Police because he said he had killed a girl. John Paul Woods began by saying that he wanted to admit to having killed a girl named Charlene or Charmaine, who was about 17 years old at the time and was Maltese. Woods stated that this girl was living with her partner in St. Paul’s Bay. Woods said he killed the girl by stabbing her with a knife and strangled her by holding her mouth with his hand.

In November 2008, Woods began receiving complaints from neighbors about a foul odour in the flat at St. Paul’s Bay where the crime had taken place. Woods decided to cut part of the body into small parts and put them in sacks. Woods had stated that he cut the girl’s torso into four pieces, poured a mixture of cement into them and placed her head and feet in a sack and hid them in Floriana. Woods said he transported the corpse using the victim’s own car.

Present in the courtroom was Noemi Farrugia, the victim’s sister, who burst into tears upon hearing the gruesome details of how her sister was murdered.

Involvement of a third party in the murder of Charlene Farrugia

The CID Officer said Woods had mentioned a certain Jesmond Cassar known as ‘Tito’. This was the same suspect the Police had identified in 2008. Cassar was the partner of Jonathan Attard’s sister. Attard was Charlene Farrugia’s partner.

Woods said that Tito had left him alone after the two men had allegedly argued. Woods told the Police that it was at that point that he decided to cut Farrugia’s body. Woods used a mattress to cover Farrugia’s body.

In October 2019, the Police held a confrontation between Woods and Tito. Woods had implicated Tito in Farrugia’s murder. Tito asked the same questions that the Police had asked about the conflicting versions of Woods. Police found no evidence that ‘Tito’ was involved in Farrugia’s murder.

Woods’ last statement was made on July 2, 2020. The CID Officer testified that Woods’ attitude was totally different that day and that every time he asked him questions, Woods would send him to blazes. Woods was charged with the murder and brought to Court the following day – i.e. 3 July.

The hearing has been adjourned to Wednesday, where the victim’s father is expected to testify.

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