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Detained under arrest after bashing and killing dog in presence of Police officers

A youth has been detained under arrest after being charged with cruelty to animals.

The Court was told that on Sunday the Police were called out to a report by a woman who had said her son was being aggressive.

When the Police went on site, 22-year-old Leon Borg started behaving in a violent manner, in the course of which he broke his mother’s mobile phone, and then proceeded to grab the dog by its legs and bash it against a bedside table. The dog later died.

Borg was also charged with breaching bail conditions in connection with a pending case going back two and a half years, in which he is charged with grievously injuring a girl. Some months earlier he had also been charged with knocking down a person intentionally following an argument.

Defence argued that Borg had been under the effects of substances when he killed the dog, and was not completely aware of his actions.


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