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Detained under arrest after being caught with 130kg of cannabis in Zejtun

Two men from Cospicua have been arraigned in Court after being apprehended by Anti-Drug Squad officers who caught them in possession of 130 kg of cannabis ready for trafficking, in a Zejtun garage. The men are being detained in prison under preventive arrest.

21-year-old Jerome Azzopardi, who is self-employed, and 34-year-old Jonathan Cassar, who is in employment, have been charged with possession of cannabis, and associating with others to traffic the same drug. Jonathan Cassar has also been charged with becoming a relapser.

Inspector Jonathan Cassar testified that accused were apprehended when they were each driving a van into a garage where the drugs were kept. The Inspector objected to a request for bail, stating the Police have information this is a case of organised crime, and there are at least three other civilian witnesses who still have to give evidence.

Both accused pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Court, Magistrate Charmaine Galea presiding, ordered the freezing of accused’s assets and denied the request for bail because of the serious nature of the crimes and the real possibility of tampering with evidence.

Lawyer Roberto Montalto is appearing for Jerome Azzopardi, and lawyers Franco Debono, Marion Camilleri and Amadeus Cachia and appearing for Cassar.

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