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Diabetes medicine being used in cancer research

Research into cancer treatment has led to three researchers, two Americans and an Englishman, being awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

An Italian Professor from Bologna University, who is in Malta at the invitation of the University of Malta’s Department of Pathology, stated that their research shows how medicine used in the treatment of other illnesses and conditions can stop the progress of cancer.

Italian Professor Giovanni Romeo says the fight against cancer is never-ending. The day after the three winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine were announced, Professor Romeo stated that the research by the three winners goes hand in hand with research in which he is involved, to find out how cancer cells adapt to the oxygen used by man.

“Cancer is a very shrewd entity… Cancers do find devious ways to overcome therapeutic strategies, so research is the only way to go,” Professor Romeo stated.

The three Nobel Prize winners are Americans Gregg Semenza and William Kaelin, and Englishman Sir Peter Ratcliffe. The secret of the work in this research, Professor Romeo explained, is how medicine already on the market, which many use for treatment of diabetes, is also used for the treatment of cancer.

“By using a pharmacological approach we have a good model which can be used to a clinical trial,” Professor Romeo stated.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine was announced by the Karolinks Institute in Stockholm, and was awarded to the three scientists Ratcliffe, Semenza and Kaelin, for their research which has opened  a window on a strategy which can eventually combat the presence of other illnesses as well as cancer.

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