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Did he fall from a window or was he pushed? Play explores the death of anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli

The classic play “Accidental Death of an Anarchist” by celebrated author Dario Fo will be presented by drama company Masquerade in the next few days. TVM went to watch the rehearsals of this play which will be given a unique interpretation.

The classic case of the death of Giuseppe Pinelli, the anarchist suspected of a crime who fell out of a fourth story window during an interrogation at the police station is at the heart of the drama by Dario Fo, winner of a Nobel literature prize.

Only one person can solve the mystery of whether Pinelli jumped or was thrown out of the window, and everything hinges on an eccentric inspector with an unpredictable character and behaviour.

”Accidental Death of an Anarchist” is a political farce which was written in the 70s in the volatile context of Italy and contains moments which can arouse passionate feelings because it explores the attitudes and behaviour of people and organisations. whose duty it is to protect the people.

Anthony Bezzina from Masquerade drama company said that the play places institutionalised corruption under the lens and is relevant even today.

”They find this man dead because he has been thrown from a fourth story window to his death, but the way director Ian Moore has made it into a commedia dell’arte, what we call the fourth wall is broken, so the actors stop from the play and speak directly to the audience and the beauty of it is that they are all women dressed as men.”

The cast is made up of some of our best comic actresses including Pia Zammit, Antonella Axisa, Louiselle Vassallo, Maria Caruana, Gabriella Mendes and Samantha Gauci. The play will be presented at Blue Box, Msida from tomorrow until 16 November.

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