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Migrants targeted instead of cats in twisted shooting spree

Investigations into Lassine’s murder found that Lorin Scicluna had four firearms registered in his name, including a 9 milimetre weapon. Before he was taken into custody at the Deport, the Police visited his residence and under a bed they recovered the weapons registered in his name. They also found ammunition of a different firm from those found at the crime scene.

Prior to interrogating the accused, the Police spoke with Lorin’s girlfriend who told them that he works at a pastizzeria on the weekends till 10.00pm. She said that he is mostly in the company of his friend Francesco Fenech and with a certain Jason from St Julian’s. She confirmed that on the day of the crime she was not with Lorin as she was at a cinema with her sister and he was to visit her later on after 11.00pm. She used to tell Lorin to change his attitude towards migrants however he used to tell her that these come to Malta and pretend to command themselves. She recounted occasions when they noticed a migrant looking at them and Lorin would approach the person asking him if there was a problem. His friend Francesco also did not like migrants.

Inspector Arnaud further testified that on the day of the crime they noticed that between 10.40pm and 11.15pm, the activity of the accused two mobiles was idle – either switched off or they didn’t have reception. The Police also believe that prior to the murder, the two accused men were together at Attard.

He added that investigators were given the first statement by Lorin on the 17th May in the evening, during which he chose to have a lawyer. Dr Jason Azzopardi was present during the whole interrogation.

In his first statement, Lorin denied he was involved in the murder

Lorin Scicluna told Police that he started working in the Army in March 2018 and did not work with migrants. On the day of the murder, he worked up till 10pm at the Attard pastizzerija and, similar to other occasions, Francesco Fenech was with him.

In this first statement, Lorin denied he was involved in the murder, however then he said that at the beginning of February he loaned the car to a person he never saw before, a Syrian, to meet his girlfriend and offered him £1,000. When the man returned the car, it had a smashed windscreen, was without number plates and a broken mirror. On the day of the murder, he added that the same man requested again his car and wanted to give him £2,000. Lorin said he was going to the shooting range and the firearm used for the shooting was already in his car, but he loaned the car to the man.

Inspector Arnaud stated that he did not believe Lorin’s version and when pressed, the latter told them he will tell the truth. He said he was with Francesco Fenech who was arrested at around 11.30am of the 18th May.

They drove towards the barracks, did not find a cat to shoot at and instead drove in the direction of Triq tal-Ġebel

Lorin Scicluna stated that he lied in the first statement, adding that he had driven the car in Triq tal-Ġebel, accompanied by Francesco Fenech. He became friends with Francesco in the army when they did the recruitment programme together. He said that on occasions they shot at birds and cats, and on the 6th April they agreed to go and shoot a cat to see its reactions. They drove towards the barracks, did not find the cat and instead took the direction of Triq il-Ġebel.

He said that while proceeding, he noted that Francesco had a loaded weapon in his hand and when they passed in front of Cisse, who was walking, he fired two shots. He was angered with Francesco because he did not believe the latter would shoot on a person, and Francesco told him to shut up because he will also shoot him. Shortly afterwards, another two migrants emerged and Francesco also shot at them, he added. They then drove strait home.

Inspector Arnaud testified that Lorin showed them the same route that the car was seen taking on CCTV videos; that he went strait home, placed the number plates and took the weapon home and went to his girlfriend. He said that by that time he did not known that they had killed a person and realized what happened the day after on the news. He argued with Francesco about the crime and when they heard that the Police were seeking a Toyota Starlet, they agreed to install the mirror back and stick an electricity tape on it. He told police that he threw the ammunition used in the murder at sea and purchased ammunition of a different mark.

He said that he had no problems with migrants during work in the Army, but he encountered problems at the pastizzerija. Lorin mentioned the hit and run incident of February, when he was also accompanied by Francesco and another incident when they approached another migrant and broke his bicycle.

They used to face migrants, insult them and it was for this reason that the two drove by Triq tal-Ġebel. He said that in February they saw a migrant walking towards Birżebbuġa, who ignored them. They turned around and while Lorin was navigating the radio and told Francesco to hold the steering, the latter made a turn and ran over the migrant. In this incident, the windscreen and mirror were broken.

Inspector Arnaud’s testimony was suspended. The case was adjourned for Tuesday, 28th May.

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