Did you know that Fido may eat you after you die?

In the wake of the story of the English lady who was found dead together with her bitch at a St Paul’s Bay apartment, many persons expressed concern on what happens if a pet owner who lives alone dies before his pet.

A study published in the Forensic Science International may not by easy for pet owners to digest.

In the study, some curious deaths were explored of individuals in which in similar cases, the deaths of persons were owners of dogs.

Forensic experts established that domesticated dogs may end up eating parts of their owners’ body once they die. This did not occur only in a separate case because there were already reports of 63 cases of persons who died and ended up being eaten by their pets.

It appears that even cats act similarly on their dead owners with the most soft parts of their body – the nose, eyes and lips – are attacked.

The feline finding, however, did not surprise forensic anthropologist Carolyn Rando who said that in their nature, cats try to wake up their owner from sleeping by touching and licking his face.

The same can be said of dogs – the initial intention is of licking their owner’s face, however if no response is forthcoming, they forcefully try to wake up their owner and end of biting and eating him.

Rando stated that once they bite and smell blood, dogs go for the extreme by eating parts of their owner’s body even if they have access to their food. This, Rando says, is a behaviour in their nature, adding that there is no distinction between the breeds that act in this way, however it was found that big or medium size dogs and those suffering from anxiety, were the ones which acted in such a way. The German Shephard breed was the most among dogs which caused a disfigurement in his owner’s face.

Forensic expert, Markus Rothschild, on the other  hand, said that 24% of cases in 2015, with dogs as protagonists, occurred in less than 24 hours of the death of their owner. Another curiosity in the study is that domestic animals always attack their owner’s face while wild dogs go for internal parts of a dead body.

Not a nice finding for animal owners, however one may find comfort in only one thing – a person’s death is life for another.

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