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Died heroically to save his family from the flames

Zippy died a hero, after managing to save his family from the jaws of death.

The Butler family lives in Bradeton, Florida, and one night, when they were all asleep, fire engulfed their residence.

Although the alarm system rang persistently, the only member of the family who reacted was Zippy.

The dog made sure that every member of the family was woken up and became aware of what was happening. He did this by going into all the bedrooms and waking everyone up.

Every member of the family managed to get out safely, except for the dog, who remained loyal to his last breath.

Zippy ended up trapped inside the building, and by the time the Civil Protection team arrived, it was too late.

The broken-hearted family said Zippy was part of the family, and they would never forget him.



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