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Plans on more residential roadworks being carried out this year than last year

Infrastructure Malta is this year aiming to exceed the building of the 155 roads that were built last year.

During an interview with TVM, Infrastructure CEO, the engineer Frederick Azzopardi, said that last year an average of three roads per week in residential areas were tackled while he maintained that priority is being given to roads in dire need of repair.

This is part of a seven year plan on an investment of €700 million to strengthen infrastructure on road in residential areas to improve safety and appearance as well as to prevent possible damage to vehicles that use them.

Engineer Azzopardi said he understands the complaints of residents in various roads who feel that roadwork had been outstanding for many years but explained such works were not always immediately possible because of logistic problems.

He understands that works cannot easily be performed in order because there roads near schools, works that are carried out in summer or cannot be carried out in summer, roads by the sea and roads used for diversion. Indeed these need maintenance but there is also other work.

Azzopardi said that since the Agency was established in 2019 in all, 285 residential roads had been undertaken and 155 of these were works carried out last year. Currently, work is being undertaken on 50 residential roads but the plan is that the annual total will exceed that of last year. He said a rhythm is in process to exceed last year’s total.

Asked about badly damaged roads in various localities, engineer Azzopardi said that Local Councils are still responsible to have these roads arranged so as not to cause damages until the time comes when Infrastructure Malta will carry out resurfacing or construct them anew.