Director General of EBU thanks PBS for helping with programmes during pandemic

The pandemic has brought a lot of challenges with it. Among the industries which were considerably affected around the world were TV stations and their schedules.  The European Broadcasting Union, the EBU, also found itself with its back to the wall during these unprecedented few weeks. In the light of this the Director General, Noel Curran, has thanked PBS which lent a helping hand by providing a number of productions.

A number of documentaries in English based on rigorous research in collaboration with the University of Malta were transmitted on several European stations. These included programmes in connection with Caravaggio in Malta and underwater archeology. With these programmes, PBS hit two birds with one stone as it helped the EBU and at the same time it served as a good promotion for our scientific sector as well as the incredible cultural heritage of our islands.

In a letter addressed to the Chairman of PBS, Dr Tonio Portughese, Mr Curran said that as a result of the programmes which PBS offered, the EBU ended up transmitting more than 1,300 hours of wonderful programming at a time when productions for the broadcasting sector had dried up.

These were extraordinary weeks,  during which the national station considerably increased its audiences when compared with statistics from January and February, both in the morning as well as the afternoon. At the height of the pandemic, TVM’s audience increased by more than 50% and that of TVM2 increased by more than 90%.

Among the programmes. which adapted to the circumstances and kept going, undaunted by the challenges, were ‘TVAM’, ‘Niskata’, ‘Illum ma’ Steph’ and ‘Gadgets’.