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Discussions on giving back public holidays falling on weekends

Minister for European Affairs and Equality Dr Helena Dalli has stated that agreement will be reached with the social partners in the MCESD regarding the giving back to workers of public holidays falling on Saturdays and Sundays.

Speaking at a media conference, Dr Dalli stated that agreement is close to being reached with the social partners on this issue.

Dr Dalli said a number of proposals had been put forward on the issue, including that the holiday is given on the Monday after the public holiday. Dr Dalli added that another proposal is for the holiday to be added to the annual leave quota or for reimbursement through financial compensation. Minister Dalli said these holidays will be given back to the workers as this is an electoral promise because Malta is in a sound economic position.

The Minister added that it could be that agreement will be reached for employers to decide for themselves on how to give back these holidays to workers.

Dr Dalli further stated that a dialogue in ongoing in the MCESD about granting of sick leave to workers with sick children or with serious illnesses, and this would be within the framework of amendments to employment lgislation.