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Discussions with MUT on payment of student-teachers whilst undergoing teaching practice

The Minister for Education, Evarist Bartolo, said no agreement has been reached about the possibility of employing foreign teachers but discussions have commenced with the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT). Minister Bartolo was speaking during the programme Edukalink on Radio Malta. He also spoke of discussions with the MUT that student teachers on practical work at schools be paid as well as having a stipend.

He said that over the coming months initiatives will continue to improve teaching conditions, including that of student teachers.

Minister Bartolo said it is felt this is a step that has to be taken because there is a different between being at University and attending at schools to acquire practical teaching skills.

During the Edukalink programme on Radio Malta he also referred to the employment of foreign teachers over the coming months. He said that although discussions have commenced with the MUT no agreement has been finalised and added there are already foreign teachers in non-State schools as well as University lecturers. He said however that the preference is to strengthen the position of Maltese teachers.

The Minister said it is a duty to take all necessary steps to encourage people to take up this noble education profession and added that efforts will also be made to induce retired teachers to return to teaching.

He further insisted that parents themselves need and have the responsibility to guide their children to adopt the right values.

A lot of teachers, he maintained, are experiencing a lack of discipline in some pupils. He said we need a society that has rights and children also have rights but simultaneously, duties cannot be ignored.

The Minister announced that in the forthcoming scholastic year due to commence soon more than 24,000 students will make use of free school transport which will cost the Government €25 million. He also confirmed that when Parliament reconvenes a new Educational Law will be discussed.

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