Dispute between Mayor and Church over coins thrown into Trevi fountain

Rome is divided over a heated dispute over who is going to take the coins which are thrown into the Trevi fountain: whether it should be the local council or the Church.

To date, this money has always been given to the Church to be used for charity, however, now the council has voted that it should take this money and use it to fix the city’s infrastructure.

Mayor Virginia Raggi, who was elected in 2016, has been facing a great deal of criticism because of the rubbish which has accumulated in the city and the terrible state of the roads. She, therefore, decided that she would make up for the lack of funds by turning to the coins in the fountain.

The Church, however, did not agree with this decision and is insisting that the lack of funds will adversely affect the poor. The Director of Caritas, Dun Benoni Ambarus expressed his hope that the council would reconsider the issue.

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